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Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

  1. declanconner says:

    Just preparing the post about ‘how to format your book for POD’.


  2. declanconner says:

    Please note, my site is very much in Beta with some pages still under development.

    If there are items of interest which are not complete, please subscribe to recieve email updates.


  3. declanconner says:

    Recieved my first book to review.’ How to build a web site’, by Jason Mathews.
    Looking forward to the read. But for now its feet up and watching TV.


  4. declanconner says:

    Interactive Stories on Kindle.

    Finally re-uploaded Lunch Break Thrillers, short mystery/thriller stories. Two of the stories now include links to the articles that sparked the ideas for the stories. I am hoping by making the stories interactive, that it will enhance the reading experience.


    • declanconner says:

      What a bad start to the day. Prepared for a teacher training course yesterday until the early hours, only to find I had got the date wrong. With all this web building and posting on social sites, I seem to lose track of the days. Maybe I need a rest. In fact I am sure I do, seeing as how I have had to edit this post 3 times.


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