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FREE. How to format your book for Kindle

I should point out,  this guide misses out an important step in formatting for smashwords. The reason for this is, that part of their style guide results in all italics and other features being lost and means you have to go through your entire MS to put them back in.

Their guide is also sketchy about centering which they say can be hit and miss. Centering is not a problem with my kindle formatting guide if you follow the instructions.

The first thing you are going to need is Kindle. Don’t worry you can download it for Free to your PC. You will then be able to sample for free, read and buy books. If you have an Amazon account, then you have a kindle account. If not, it is simple to sign up.
If you follow the links below, scroll down and on your left hand side there is the Download for Kindle to PC.

If you then go to Amazon .com for US Customers , or Amazon,co .uk, for UK customers through the links below. You will then be able to sample my book to look at how it turned out (free). Of course if you decided to buy it, then I would be delighted. The full copy would enable you to see how I’ve used the end of the book to talk to the reader and put links to the paper book and forthcoming publications. It will also enable you to test out fully the navigation of the hyperlinks to work your way around the book. You can also look at other books for ideas.

US $0.99c

UK  0.70p

I’ve produced this guide as someone who is not computer literate. My guide will hopefully assist those like me that are baffled by computer speak. It may not be the only way to format, but it worked for me.

I am assuming your MS is not already formatted as a book with headings, numbers and contents pages and it has no text boxes.

The first thing I would ask you to do is to forget completely how a book should look on the page. When formatting for kindle, there is no need for page numbers, headers, justified text, or text boxes to line up chapter numbers and blank pages to ensure chapters start on the right hand side. If you take the steps in this guide, Kindle’s system will convert it to how it should look as an eBook.

The second thing I would do before starting is to send a copy of your original MS to your email address as a back-up copy, or save a copy to a pen drive. If ever your computer crashes or is stolen, at least you will have access to your original MS.

Open your MS in word 2007.

Open a new page in Word 2007.

On you MS word document press Ctrl and A to highlight all text. Right click on any of the highlighted text, this will reveal a box to enable you to copy the document. Then go to your new doc, right click and paste your MS. Leave your new doc highlighted.

At the top of the page, select, ‘Page Layout’, under that tab click on margins. On the drop down click on ‘Normal’, and then press save. You can make adjustments to the margins after you have inserted your page breaks at a later stage.

On the page layout page go to ‘Spacing’, on the top R/hand side and on the second box down select, or type 10 point and again save. The box above should be zero.

Click on the top left hand ‘office symbol button’. Go to the bottom of the pull down and click ‘options’. In this drop down, click on ‘Proofing’. This will open a new box and you should click on ‘Auto correct options’ which will bring a new box into view. Check the ‘auto correct’, tab and uncheck all the ticks and press ok. Do the same with ‘auto format as you type’, and click ok.

The next step is to normalize your document.

Press ‘Ctrl and A’ if your doc text is not still highlighted blue. On the home tab at the top of the page, go to the normal box at the top right of the page and right click, then select ‘Modify’. Make sure that in the box that appears, that you set your font at ‘Times new roman, size 12’ and press save. Go to style changes at the top right hand side. Open this and select ‘Normal’.

Now go to the top of the page to where it says paragraph and press the arrow in the corner to reveal your para’ settings. Note all your text should be highlighted, if not Ctrl and A.

Your setting should be …Alignment ‘left’. Outline level, ‘body text’. Indentation left and right both zero Under special, select ‘first line’ (indents). I am in cm’s and I have set mine at 0.5, but you can chose your own… Spacing, before, zero. Spacing after, 10 point. Line spacing, single. click ok. Now go to your normal tag (under view on the home page) and click on it. Your entire doc will now be set. Don’t forget to press save on your document.

You can now click on a white part of the page to remove the highlights from the text.

Do not change the size or font at this stage. Or try to re-centre anything.

In the paragraph section there is what looks like a P the wrong way round. Click on that and it will show dots for spaces between letters, and paragraph symbols and also where indicated, arrows, if you have used the tab key in error.

You now need to go through your entire document to check you have no double spaces between letters. Also that there are no dots at the beginning of a paragraph before the first letter. If there are any Tab arrows, you need to back space to the previous sentence and use the return key to create your paragraph. (Be careful not to back space too far and delete you punctuation or text.)

At the beginning or top of the page of your MS you are going to add a title page….Press the return key to give you two spaces from the beginning of the doc and type your book title ie SURVIVAL INSTINCT. Press the return key twice to give two more para spaces and type under that, ‘By, Author Name’.

Press the return key and go to page layout tab at the top of the page and select. To the right of where it says ‘orientation’, there is a symbol for a space break showing two pages with a space between them. Click on the symbol. On the drop down select page break. You should now be able to see the page break in the correct place after the author name.

Left click and hold down the mouse and run over the title page text to highlight. On the Home page click on the arrow in the corner of where it says paragraph. In the drop down box change the alignment to centre and press ok.(Whatever you do, do not use the symbols for left right centre or justify) Then go to the font and change to 14 pt. and save.

Go to the top of the next page and click you cursor and put two para spaces and then type Copyright. Then another Para and type the title. Another para and type, Copyright 2011 – Author name. (It is not recommended you put in the copyright symbol as on some devices it shows up differently.) Another para and type All rights reserved. Repeat with paras if you want to put anything else. The idea is to keep it short and sweet, so the reader can quickly get to reading the first chapter. If you want dedications, put them at the end. At the end of your text click on ‘Page Layout’ at the top of the page select page break as before. (Note if you have any page breaks or section breaks on your MS, other than the ones you are putting in, then back space them and delete them.) When the copyright page is complete. you can centre the text as per how you did the title page.

You are now ready to do your contents page. You can either type a list of chapter titles or simply number them in a line. Whatever you do, do not use text boxes, you will be using hyperlinks so there is no need to have both names and numbers.
Again two paras from top of page type, Contents and then your list of chapters. When you have finished insert a page break. (If your para spacing looks to be too much, then highlight all the contents and reduce your spacing to say 6 point just for that page.)

Now you can start with your chapters. (Make sure there are no more than two para spaces between the page break and the title of all chapters.) Again start 2 paras down for your first chapter title and one para for the start of the chapter text. You now need to adjust your first line of text for your chapter title and your first line of text. Click your cursor in front of the chapter title. Go to the para drop down box and under special, change ‘first line’, ‘to none’. Then press save. Do the same for your opening para text. At the end of your chapter (and every chapter) do one para and type Contents. Then insert a page break

Repeat this through all your chapters. If you want the Chapter headings larger, change to 14 point, but do not change the font. Remember if there was any centering anywhere in your text. Only use the drop down para box to re – centre.

After your last chapter, it is a good opportunity to thank the customer for reading your book and tell them of any forth coming publications, dedications etc.

Now all you need to do is to add the hyperlinks for the reader to navigate your chapters.

Go to your first Chapter title/ Chapter number. Select the ‘Insert’, tab at the top of the page. You will see Links. Now highlight the chapter title/number. Click to drop down the links box and click on bookmark. It will ask you to give the bookmark a name, You can use one word out of the title or type in numbers. Repeat this on every chapter title.

When you have finished go back to your contents page. Highlight the first chapter and press links. This time click on Hyperlink. In the box that appears at the right hand side you will see Bookmarks. Click this and your list of bookmarks will appear. Select the correct bookmark and click ok. You then have to click ok on the hyperlinks box. Repeat this for all your contents.
When finished Go to the end of the first chapter where you typed Contents. Highlight this. drop down the links box and add the word contents as a book mark. Do this at the end of every chapter.

When finished go to your contents page. Highlight the title Contents. Select links and then select hyperlink as before.
Your document is now formatted.

Select the round Microsoft button at the top left, go to ‘save as’, and save as a word 2003 doc.

On the word 2003 doc go to ‘save as’ and then to ‘other options’. Select “Web Page filter” and save.

You now have a html of your formatted document. If you open this you can test all the content links.

It is this you submit to kindle. (html) Note. When it is transferred to kindle their software justifies it all. If you use their simple preview, it may not show indents for dialogue etc at the top of a page. Don’t worry it will show up okay on kindle.

US $0.99

UK 0.70p

Survival Instinct (The dark side of dating) thriller book.

US Survival Instinct $0.99

UK Survival Instinct 0.70p


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