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I doubt this topic will be flavor of the month with editors and literary agents. However, I say this, tongue in cheek and await with baited breath your response. After due consideration and all things considered, I have arrived at the conclusion, at this moment in time, that you are collectively destroying the English language at ground roots level. To add insult to injury, not content with censoring clichés, adjectives and adverbs are disappearing from modern literature without even a proverbial . . . bat of the eyelid. ‘Of course’, you say, ‘clichés don’t cross international boundaries. Take the biscuit for example. In America it would be take the cake’.‘Oh dear’ I say, ‘poor translators’.

I would ask you to spare a thought, for those poor unfortunate foreign students, whom after spending four years or so to learn all the oral and literary skills to be proficient in English, only for them to be thrown into the big bad world, unable to understand what anyone is saying in a social setting. Thank goodness for the classics.

Have no fear. Help is at hand. As luck would have it, those very nice people at Authonomy (Harper Collins) have been wonderful in providing an extensively researched list of clichés for authors to avoid, in their ‘writers tips section’. Believe it, or not, they have headed it . . . A to Z of clichés to avoid like the plague.

Okay, I’ve said my piece, now I’m off to write a short story with as many clichés that I can find. You’ll find it on Amazon any time soon in my second volume of short stories.