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Well, The rumours over the last 12 months that Amazon were to open a kindle store in Germany are at last fact. Time to brush up on your German, or at least familiarize yourself with Google translate, if you are to promote your books on, Forum zu “englische bücher”, or Forum for ‘English Books’.

With American and British armed forces, their families and support staff  based in the country, this is welcome news. But let’s not forget the entire population are taught English as a second language, therefore there are endless possibilities for authors to promote their English books on kindle.

Germany is the top market in Europe for book sales and so far the German publishers have managed to hold back the progress of eBooks in the country. Currently eBooks account for only 5% of book sales. Germany has some of the highest retail prices for books in Europe, so it is no wonder publishers have been reluctant to embrace the technology. For those self-published and indie authors’, this is a great opportunity, as their prices will come as something of a shock to German readers.

Kindle are boasting a catalogue of 650,000 books to include 71 of the top 100 German language books. Let’s see how long it takes for the publishers of the other 21 to cave in.