Good news for authors from Amazon comes in three announcements.

Posted: April 28, 2011 in #ebooks, #self publishing

Amazon, Create Space and kindle have all announced some excellent news for authors this week.

Following hot on the heels of Amazons announcement to open their doors in Germany, many of us with eBooks now have them listed in the English section of the catalogue, providing a great opportunity for all. It may take some time for the eBook market to get going, but if it follows the UK example, it will soon take off. With a catalogue of over 600,000 titles, the books probably outnumber kindles shipped, but there is always the option for them to download books using the free ‘Download to PC’. As the largest book market, with some of the dearest printed book prices in the world, this has to be good news for all but the publishers.

Kindle followed up this news, to announce a change in how they pay European authors. If you live in Europe, to include the UK, you can now be paid by electronic transfer directly into your bank account, in either Euros or British pounds for your UK and sales. So if you have haven’t already done so, hurry along to your account settings and make the changes by adding your bank details and select DTF (Digital transfer of funds). Nothing has changed with your American royalty payments, which baffles me.Unfortuately, if you live in any other part of the world and don’t have a European, or British bank account, they will still only pay these royalties by check/cheque. This can be good news for the thousands of expats, whom still maintain an account in Europe to include the UK. I hope that this signals that Amazon as a group is sympathetic to the plight of payments to authors throughout the world and maybe eventually all payments will be made in this way.

When I contacted Amazon and asked them why they didn’t pay royalties via PayPal, they replied that they were constantly looking at the administrative method of payment to authors. So you never know; other changes may be announced in the future. Of course, there is a simple answer to this if it is a problem and that is to upload to kindle via smashwords, who do pay via PayPal, but then you would lose the flexibility of being able to make quick changes to your books.

Not to be outdone, Create Space have announced that authors can authorize their books to be available for POD after receiving the proof copy, editing and re-submitting the file, without the need to order a new proof copy. I have to say, for me this is great news. Living in Brazil, the cost of delivery is $20 for the 21-day service or$39 for the fast service. It actually took two months for one of my books to arrive. The result is that my proofs are now sat on my table, with the enthusiasm gone to want to order new proofs and to spend a further $40. With this news, I can now upload my new files and go straight to print. I am sure there are many other authors who have only minor changes to make, where this will be beneficial, but if you have major changes to make, or you want a copy for you bookshelf at home, then I would still recommend ordering a second proof.

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  1. It is great news. Just a note on the proof skipping part, I believe it’s only for author’s experienced with CreateSpace already, probably meaning having one or more live titles.

    Those proofs sitting on your shelf can be read by reviewers or people looking for a free copy. There’s almost a special value knowing it’s the proof copy, unless it’s absolutely full of mistakes.


    • declanconner says:

      You are exactly right about those experienced with Create Space. I doesn’t stop you still ordering a proof copy, but for those experienced it means the book will be published a lot sooner. This is particularly useful for those living outside America, where delivery times can be eratic.


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