Bücher Englisch. Declan Conner, thriller author

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized Bücher Englisch. Declan Conner, Thriller Autor

Declan Conner is the author of Survival Instinct (The dark side of Dating.) A fast paced psychological serial killer thriller book and Lunch Break thrillers, A series of short thriller stories. Both books are now available on for kindle download at an introductory price of 0.99 Euro each. Don’t have a kindle? Did you know you can download kindle to pc FREE. Click on one of my books in the sidebar for Scroll down and follow the instructions to download Kindle to your PC, you are then free to download and buy books.

  1. dannym says:

    are you intending to have this translated to German?


  2. declanconner says:

    Hi dannym
    The main reason for the post was to add an additional google search to a previous one in German. Bücher Englisch, is quite high on the list of Google search words and is the most likely search if someone is seeking information about English Books.

    With all Germans able to write read and speak English, I didn’t think it needed a translation after the initial search. So far I have had 9 searches referred to my site. When my brother in law is back from hols, I will ask him for a translation and edit the post.



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