Suzanne Tyrpak: Flash fiction example and article

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Suzanne Tyrpak, is the author of the bestselling compilation of 9 shorts, titled, “Dating my Vibrator.” The book has had outstanding success on both sides of the Atlantic on Amazon kindle, reaching the heights of two-second and one-third ranking for her short story book categories in the UK. Suzanne has kindly provided me with a flash fiction example of her work, Meditation and an article on her thoughts on writing short stories. Suzanne joins other short story writers on the dedicated ‘short story writing’, page on my blog.

I would be pleased to hear from author’s who wish to contribute to the page aimed at providing authors new to the craft the lowdown on how to craft short stories. My email address is listed on the page.

Read about it here

Link to page and scroll down

  1. Thanks for posting my short story, Declan. I hope you don’t relate too much to the guys I write about in Dating My Vibrator!

    I’m enjoying your site.



  2. declanconner says:

    Lol, I doubt it. I am nearer to Jamie when it comes to the dating scene. Or should I say was. Jamie is one of my two characters, Bill and Jamie, in Survival Instinct, (The darkside of dating.) I had a lot of fun writing about their antics on the dating scene. I would think Bill is nearer to the characters in your book, Dating my vibrator.


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