Apple Sells 25 Million iPad Tablets in 14 months. Good news for eBook sales

Posted: June 8, 2011 in #ebooks, #self publishing, Creating A Buzz, Uncategorized

Apple Sells 25 Million iPad Tablets in 14 months. Good news for eBook sales

5th June 2011. Apple Executives have announced their sales figures at the annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. Scott Forstall, Senior VP of iPhone Software announced the sale of 25 million iPads over the past 14 months. It is incredible to think that for every day during that period, Apple sold 87,000 iPads .

What is just as intriguing for the eBook publishing world is that there are estimates that Apple have shipped and sold around 8 million iPads in the second quarter of this year alone,

All this comes despite production supply problems that dogged them in the first quarter, following the introduction of the Apple iPad 2 in March this year. First they underestimated  consumers insatiable thirst for eReaders, causing demand to outstrip supply. Then just as they started to play catch up, there was an explosion which tragically cost 3 lives at the Foxconn, iPad factory.

Of course, the more iPads that are sold, the more eBooks are going to be downloaded. Sure enough, Apple have also revealed that users have downloaded 130 million Books from the iBookstore. If publishers needed more evidence of the changes in the wind, then these figures should start to cause some twitching in the industry. Unfortunately they failed to split the figures into free and paid for downloads, but none the less, the figures bode well for the future of eBook publishing.

  1. It’s such a staggering number, it’s hard to get your mind around it. If we could even sell one ebook per every thousand iPads, that would still be great business.


  2. Ellise Weaver says:

    What I want to know, Declan, is this–Are you making money? That’s the bottom line for me. Just curious?


  3. declanconner says:

    Well the bottom line is important, but what you have to understand is that this is a business and as with all business in the first year of operation, very few make a profit. You will see what I mean if you take a look at my. ‘Self-publishers: Taxation and business lowdown for POD and eBooks.’ in the April archive.

    It takes time to build a business and laydown your marketing plans for them take take effect. This is equally true of self employed authors. All I can say is everything is going according to my business plan, assisted no doubt by the massive growth in eReader tablets. You know what they say, ‘you have to be in it to win it.’


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