Can self-publishing short stories as eBooks make money?

Posted: July 7, 2011 in #ebooks, #self publishing, Creating A Buzz, Short stories

The answer is yes, as I know from my own experience. But don’t just take my word for it. Indie author and short story writer, Suzanne Tyrpak confirms what is possible, with over 10,000 sales of her short story compilation, Dating my Vibrator. I met up with Suzanne on kindleboards and asked her about her experience and her new release, Ghost planes and other disturbing tales, published on the 4th of July. She talks about her success in this weeks Creating a Buzz page. A sample of Suzanne’s work also features on the Short Story page.

Ghost Plane an other Disturbing tales vailable on Kindle and smashwords.

 Free promotional offer on smashwords. Ends this weekend10/7/2011 10/7/2011 

Ghost Plane and Other Disturbing Tales

  1. Hi Declan, Thanks for inviting me to your blog!

    Just want to clarify: Ghost Plane and Other Disturbing Tales is available now. It was published on July 4th, and for a limited time (just through this weekend) you can get the collection for free on smashwords in all eformats.

    Thanks again,


  2. declanconner says:

    Thanks, Suzanne. I’ve altered the post above and I will look for the smashwords link.


  3. Diane says:

    As a writer of mainly short stories I found this interesting. Most of my work is tied up on a site with a two year exclusiviity deal so they are out of bounds for the time being but it is definately food for thought for the future. – thanks for this


  4. Katie says:

    Great info, and timely too, since I just published my first short story on Amazon and will be following that up with my first novel in August. Thanks!


  5. Joseph says:

    Book is written and the author is feeling pretty darn good about it, however it’s badly in need of editing. Any ideas???


    • declanconner says:

      There are a number of ways. You could join a writers site such as Authonomy, where you can post your work and exchange reads for crit by other authors, however it is time consuming.

      To find an editor you could join Kindle boards in the US. There are many who edit on there at reasonable prices. Just post a new thread in Writers Cafe and you will be innundated with offers, or Go to “‘Writers Cafe” and follow the posts. The main thing is to know what type of editing you require. Proof reading. Line edits for punctuation and grammer, or editing for critique. I would also seek an editor who is familiar with your Genre.

      If your story is in UK English I can recommend Bubblecow in the UK.


  6. John Squire says:

    Can you earn money from what you write by having a blog ?


  7. declanconner says:

    I think the short answer is, yes. However, it is more complex than a simple answer. You can put links to your work on Amazon etc and hope people who visit your blog will be interested enough in what you have to say to want to check out your work and possibly buy.

    I have never looked into actually making money from my blog, as in having pay pal and a means to sell dirctly from my blog. I know that some do. You could become a associate of either Amazon, or smashwords and earn a commision from every sale from your site. Having said that, I don’t think you can do that from a woldpress site, but there are other blog providers that allow pal and associate links. That is something you would need to research.

    To be a success as an associate, you would need to stand out and there would have to be a reason for the customer to want to visit your site. You could for example only have links and discussions for short story writing. Or you could say, only feature Paranormal YA genre.


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