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O Mistério do Roupão Vermelho

Conto. Português edition, com Americano e Reino Unido inglês disponívei em um eBook

Aprenda Inglês e se divirta ao mesmo tempo.


Tradução: Anderson Cunha Rael

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Short story with Portuguese, American and UK English versions in the one eBook.

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Learn a language and be entertained at the same time


I was humbled recently to be asked to do an author interview at the local University here in Brazil. I really didn’t know what to expect, so this was a learning curve for me.

They had sought me out after some of the English lit students had visited my web site. I have a section on my site, where I ask for help translating one of my shorts, Mystery of the Crimson Robe, to Brazil Portuguese. To date my site has had in the region of seven-hundred hits from Brazil, so this was a great opportunity for me to meet some of the people behind the page hits, and to put a human face on the the sites statistics. They were fully aware I was self published, so I was intrigued as to why they would want to interview me. But then thinking about it, maybe Lee Child or Stephen King, were otherwise engaged.

On arrival at the University, the Professora gave me a list of the twenty nine questions that the students would be asking and told me they would be filming the interview. I had five minutes to prepare and to say I was nervous, doesn’t adequately describe the fear I experienced. I was about to do an exit stage left, until the Professora told me the students were probably more nervous than me.

The interview lasted two hours. I soon learned that they had downloaded my short story books from Amazon etc and studied them. I thought afterward, it was the most rewarding, if not challenging experience I had encountered in my short writing career. I wasn’t expecting what transpired. I thought that was the end of it, but after the interview, they asked if I would return for a seminar in front of the entire English lit students. I agreed.

The week following the interview, I had a good number of the students join my Facebook page, including the University. One of the students emailed me and offered to translate one of my shorts for free and asked permission to make one of the stories into a video game. This project is ongoing.

A month later, I went back to the University as a guest for the seminar they were holding. The seminar included a number of topics, one of which, presented by Samuel, was the depiction of Alice in Wonderland in pictorial form through the ages, which I found very interesting. What surprised me was how much of the Portuguese language I understood. My sponsor for the evening, Magili Sampaio, took the stage to give her presentation, and I nearly fell of my chair, when on the Power Point screen appeared…... DECLAN CONNER-EDGAR ALLEN POE.

The presentation was in Portuguese, but basically she was saying that my work was on a par with Edgar Allan Poe. Magili thought that although my stories were contemporary and written in a different style, she considered my stories covered the same type of subjects and mindset.

Different book covers of mine kept popping up on the Power Point screen as they discussed the stories. To say I nearly fell of my chair is an understatement. To put the cream on it, Samuel had edited the film he had taken from the first interview and added Portuguese sub titles and played it back. At the end of the film they all applauded. There was a question and answer period, followed by group photo’s, one of which they have posted to my Facebook page.

So who is the Edgar Allan Poe guy? Well if I didn’t know about him before I do now.

Edgar Allan Poe – born, January 19, 1809. He is best known for his tales of the macabre and mystery, Poe was one of the earliest American writers of the short story and is claimed to be the inventor of the detective genre. He is also credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction. He is claimed to be the first well-known American writer to try to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career. The financial aspect of his life; is one point on which I feel I definitely can share an affinity with him, besides our liking for bow ties.

All I can say is that I have never felt so humbled in my life and as a celebrity for a night (or two) if I never achieve anything else with my writing, then the experience will have made it all worthwhile.

O grupo.

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Kindle eBook sales are going from strength to strength. More authors are joining the 1 million club. The upsurge in eBook sales has rocketed Michael Connolly in to the 1 million club, following news that Lee Child, a fellow thriller author and Charlaine Harris, the children’s author, have joined the club. One of the clubs’ authors’ is reputed to have said that eBooks now account for 45% of his sales.

Whilst this is good news for established, published authors, who is going to be the first indie author to join the club? My money is on Amanda Hocking, who although she has accepted a publishing contract, still continues to sell her self-published work on kindle by the cartload. Another guess is J A Konrath, the indie authors’ champion, who has just picked up an Amazon publishing contract and is no stranger to getting his books in the top 100 at release date. With the weight of Amazon behind him, watch him fly. However, there are many more hoping to join them and I am sorry if I have missed out any likely contenders. If I have missed someone out please feel free to leave a comment.

STOP PRESS. I’ve forgotten someone. Sooo Sorry to John Locke. Apparently he is ahead of Konrath. It will be interesting to see what happens with Amazon behind Konrath.

One dark horse I am crossing my fingers for the future, is former published thriller author turned indie, J Conran Black, who features on myBook Buzz page. Her sales figures are reported in a previous article and were at almost 75000 for 1 month in May this year. It doesn’t take a math genius to work out that if you add the growth she has experienced, then in 12 months time it could be champagne cork popping time.

Indie self-published authors of eBooks. Creating a Buzz

I recently wrote an article on J Carson Black, the American thriller author, with the astounding news she had sold 10,000 eBooks in one month following an interview with her for my Creating a Buzz page on my blog. The article prompted me to do a follow-up article, How not to sell 10,000 eBooks in on month. These latest figures show just how her reputation and success keeps growing. It couldn’t happen to nicer person and she frequently joins in conversations on kindle boards to offer advice, or just to chat. Here are the figures reported publicly on kindle boards on her sales together with a list of other author’s random sales figures. The full list is viewable at kindle boards. The higher sales figures represent mostly authors with multiple books and who have been established for some time. The purpose of this post is to show what is possible and that publishing eBooks is a long game.

J Carson Black

“The reason I post my numbers (other than being a complete notice box) is because the Writer’s Cafe taught me what was possible. The first thread I saw when I got here was one where people showed their numbers and how they changed from month to month. And I saw a lot of this:(these are my numbers since January)

I loved that thread! It told me anything was possible. Before I got here, I had no idea that you could start in one place and end up in a completely other home altogether. The first 7 months was a wash – I went from 1 book a month to a high of 17 books a month in November. It was discouraging, so I didn’t put much into it. Then someone suggested I come here—I started on this board just about the time I hit the 135-mark. So I’m here to say that there are many factors that go into this, but it’s possible. Seeing what other writers have done made a difference to me. Knowing that it can happen is a good thing. So, thank you.”

“I’m almost afraid to say this, because it scares the * out of me. Bear in mind, in February I sold a total of 135 books.”


PONY RIDES (short story): 206
THE SHOP: 36161

73,516 total.



Sales on Amazon over the other 5 books: 300 (US), 222 (UK), and 0 (DE).

I’m pretty happy with the May sales for my novelette but then it’s only been out a couple months and I’m hoping the numbers will continue to build.

Amazon – 558
B&N – 29
Smashwords – 2


ADoR (Romantic Suspense, released 4/1/11) = 81 + 2 UK (50 while at $3.99 and 31 over the weekend when I dropped the price to $.99 for a Memorial Day sale)
AUO (Hot Romance, released 10/1/10) = 271 + 2 UK ($2.99)


I’m slightly down this month Just over 5100 on Amazon but I did have sales elsewhere this month that I haven’t had previously. (Thrillers)
Amazon 5100
Smashwords 3
Apple 1
B&N 41
Kobo 48
and Sony 65.

Total 5,255


I released my first e-book on May 4 & my second on May 21 – both short stories.

If You Go Into The Woods (on sale since May 4)

Amazon 88
Amazon UK 15
Amazon DE 1
Smashwords 4

Total 108
Transfection (on sale since May 21)  (Short story)

Amazon 40
Amazon UK 2
Amazon DE 0
Smashwords 3

Total 45

Total Total 153!!!


Falling Star

I was hoping to meet or exceed my April numbers (944), but only made 715, across all platforms. Not that I’m complaining mind you.


Here are my figures for May: (Paranormal romance)

Amazon: 448 (309 book one, 139 book two)
B&N: 30
Smashwords: 1

Total for both books for May: 479


Remix UK 2,572
Remix US 327
Smashwords 2
Total 2,901
Replica UK 4,143
Replica US 152
(Haven’t bothered with Smashwords as Remix sales via SW are poor)
Total 4,295

Both books total for May: 7,196


Had my best month ever.

Just over 2500 total sales at Amazon UK, with 100 or so at Amazon US.

The Mercenary’s Price (novella) – 989 – $0.99
Honor Bound (The Witchblade Chronicles #1) – 599 – more than half at 99c and the rest at $2.99
Kiss Of Ash (The Witchblade Chronicles #2) – 347 – all $2.99
The Adventures of Miss Upton and the Sky Pirate – 158 – all $2.99
A Secret Life (Lord Hawkesbury’s Players #1) – 24 – all $2.99 – released on the 12th.


17,220 sales for May. Down a little from April, but I’m not complaining. About 11,500 of those sales were for The Righteous, but I had four books clear 1,000 for the month.


I was around 7k for the month, and adding a title at $4.99 was a huge difference-maker. I’ll get the exact count early this afternoon once I’m finished writing for today. Priorities!

Edit: 7122


The sales for three of my books were pretty stable or slightly up, but my bestseller was down by just under 30%.

April total 3110
May total 2342


Amazon sales: 93
Smashwords sales: 18
OmniLit sales: 81*
Total for May: 192


2700+ total for all three books on and

Weight: 451
Cost: 735
Death: 619
Shadows: 882
Sliver: 871
Omni: 850
Cloaks: 5529
Blades: 4407
Guardian: 314
Ash: 273

Total: 14,931


4787 for the month, not counting stuff distributed through Smash.

The Patriot Paradox – 4131
Self Arrest – 559
Fire: Elements of The Undead, released on 8 May – 97

Peace Army – 3,868
Peace Warrior – 3,936

Total sales: 7,800


Amazon US –
Never Forgotten: 1660
Good Tidings: 1204
Loose Ends: 1983
G of NO: 632

Never Forgotten: 192
Good Tidings: 214
Loose Ends: 550
G of NO: 24
Amazon Total: 5997

Pubit: Total: 199

Total sales – 6196


2 books (well, one really! Same book, just re-written for US market!) – 17,375. 1 book = 17, 259! Book1 priced at 71p/99c

I put my book out in the first week of May and here are the numbers so far:

Amazon: 34
Amazon UK: 6
B&N: 1

1557 B&N
2080-amazon us
2-amazon DE
154-amazon UK

Total: 3,793


Not What She Seems – 7,483
The Overtaking – 57

Total – 7,540


Amazon US – 4 ($2.99)
Amazon UK – 8 (£1.99)
Smashwords – 2 ($2.99)
Total – 14,69390.100.html.

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