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Girl at the Window © 2017: All rights reserved.

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The Girl at the Window print cover (1)

Here’s the draft blurb.

All families have secrets. Only this family’s past is far darker than most.

A psychological thriller for those who enjoyed The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl.

Clara is trapped in an abusive life by her Pa who is hiding a dark secret. Home schooled and with no outside social contact – constantly on the move – she wishes him dead.

When they arrive at a small Midwest town, he had promised her freedom. He lied, but the seed of freedom is sown. He forbids her to have contact with the townsfolk who he considers to be the disciples of the Devil. Clara defies him and meets Nat and Jordan who vie for her affection. She finds the courage to consider escaping his clutches, but her Pa and fate has other ideas to trap her in slavery.

When her Pa is found murdered by the town sheriff, the circumstances point firmly to Clara as the guilty party. Assigned to the case, a personal conflict causes Detective Alana Bossé to dig deeper. As her suspect list grows, it looks as though there is a slim chance that Clara could be innocent.

But is everything as it seems? Or should they lock Clara up and throw away the key?

Images of Clara and her PA

Here’s the first 2 chapters to see if it is to your taste.


Clara’s Dilemma

If I’d have died there and then in the bitter cold of my bedroom, no one would have shed tears for me. Only maybe Pa, but I wouldn’t have missed him, and that’s the God’s honest truth. He would likely have mourned that there’d be no one to cook and clean for him to his command, and little else. I wondered if death could be the freedom I needed. But then as I thought about it, freedom to live a life of my own choosing would have been preferable to anything death could ever have provided me with, unless it was his death.

A deep-felt craving to venture out ate away in my chest with every breath I took. That’s what hurt me the most. Maybe if the world outside wasn’t my enemy as Pa had taught me, I could have tested fate out there. He told me that it was a world full of sinners who would do their best to harm me now that I was a woman. I shivered at that thought and rolled my shoulders. It was as if a spirit had walked through me.

Even in the sunlight, I sensed darkness through my bedroom window. I fought with the not knowing what was out there every day. Pa said it was dangerous on the outside. I was only to go out with him by my side to protect me. I had my doubts about his preaching, and yearned for the independence to find out for myself before my mind would implode.

The glass misted with the steam from my coffee. I drew HELP with my finger on the windowpane. None was coming. It was a cry to myself. No one would be out there waiting to rescue me. There was no white knight ready to whisk me away, and that’s the truth. Maybe it’s because only I could read the word that faced me. Especially when there weren’t any neighbors as far as my eyes could see. With a flourish, I wiped my sleeve across the letters at the futility.

A fresh blanket of snow covered the landscape. It taunted me, for it would have left witness, lest I had dared to sneak out and leave tracks for him to find. The flakes were heavier now. I had an urge to dance in the snow. To scoop up a handful and throw it in the air. To make a snowman like I did when I was a child.

Pa was asleep, snoring. He sometimes slept light. A creak on the stairs would surely have wakened him. Strange how he ignored his own honking, yet he had a second sense when I attempted freedom to be alone, even if it was only to the porch out front. I yearned to overcome my internal fear. If only I had the courage to defy him. To be able to make my own way outside with no one watching my every move. To feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, or the cold of a winter breeze, bathing me without his shadow following my every move.

The few times I had dared to venture out alone, I had been torn inside out with guilt. Tightness in my chest would consume me as our house disappeared from view. Short breaths. Leaden legs. Then the tremors for if Pa caught sight of me.

He guessed all my excuses to venture out alone. Kept my shoes under his chair, or he took them to his bedroom. I thought it would be different in our new home. He promised. It was a lie. I didn’t know why we had to move around so much. Every move always seemed to be in such a hurry. I didn’t even know why he always had to choose isolated locations, except, he said it was better to live off the grid. All I did know is that I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do if he were not there.

Movement outside distracted my train of thought. A blackbird took flight from a pine tree. It swooped and landed on the ground. Ruffled its feathers. Dug its beak in the snow. Moved on, hopping, then stopping and digging some more. It took flight, landing back in the cover of the pine tree. Its claws had left arrow tracks in the snow, but only for a short while. They were soon covered by the flakes as if it had never been there.

Maybe, I thought, that’s what would happen to me if I defied him and tried to escape. I could have died in the freezing air. No one would have known if a fresh blanket had covered my tracks. Only the blackbird would have borne witness, but then who would he have told? Birds can’t speak. But then neither could I. Even if I had had the nerve and the strength to carry life’s breath beyond the confines of our house, I wouldn’t have dared to speak. Not that I knew anyone. I knew no one, only Pa.

I wished Pa dead. It’s not that he hadn’t treated me well as long as I had obeyed him. He provided sustenance and I wanted for nothing in the material sense. Except I did want. There were people out there my own age. Experiences I had never had. All I knew was from the books he had provided over the years for home schooling. Then there was his Bible, The Old Testament. He used passages to prove he had the rights over me that God gave him. I had a deep urge to taste a different life that I would never have while ever he lived. That was another truth I couldn’t deny. There was no doubt in my mind that the sooner he breathed his last breath, the better.

Chapter 2

The following morning Pa was outside, fixing the chains to his pickup tires. He glanced my way. I shuddered at the rattle of the links clinking as I washed the breakfast dishes. I reckoned that he gave them an extra rattle to remind me. My ankles itched at the memories.

It would be our first journey into town for provisions. He bent over to secure the last of the chains. Elbows on the worktop, I held a carving knife with both hands and closed my eyes. A vision of Pa instructing me to slice his hunting knife across a goat’s neck crossed my mind. “Empty your head,” he’d said. “It’s God’s will.” I couldn’t help but wonder if God was putting the images of me grasping Pa’s hair and slicing the knife across his neck when he stooped at the tire. He rose to his full height and held his back as if pained.

Pa hollered, “Clara, get out here now.”

As I reached the front door at the porch, he stamped his boots, then he shook his coat, powdery flakes cascading to the wooden flooring.

“I’ll get my coat and boots,” I said.

“No need.”

“But it’s cold and snowing.”

“The engine’s running. It’ll be warm in the pickup soon. Forget your boots. I don’t want you wandering off.”

There was no point protesting. He picked me up and carried me to the open pickup door. Launched me onto the seat. My teeth chattered as he opened his door and slid onto his seat. The tires spun, and with a lurch, together with a crunch on the crisp snow covering, we set off. My entire body trembled at the cold air blasting through the ducts. Even with the short distance to the pickup, the flakes that had settled on me now melted into my cotton dress and hair. Spider webs of cracked ice covered the side windows. Staring ahead, I flinched as clumps of snow dislodged from the hood and peppered the windshield, swiped away by the squeaking windshield wiper. At last, warm air began to circulate. The wind picked up, swirling and blowing drifts across our path.

“It’s a blizzard out there. Are you sure we’ll make it back?”

“It’s now or never. We have to eat, child.”

Child! I hated Pa calling me a child. It was his way of being condescending. His way of wishful thinking that I would have remained so. He’d stopped putting candles on the cakes this past seven years since I had my eleventh birthday. That was around the time he lost interest in me after my first bleed. His attitude changed. Pa gave up the right that he preached The Old Testament bestowed on him, but still demanded complete obedience.

It stopped snowing. The clouds gave way to sunlight. Ice on the side window turned to pearls of water droplets, streaming across the glass as we picked up speed on the main road into town. The streams of melted ice reminded me of the tears I’d shed the night before when I’d cried myself to sleep.

Pa turned off the wiper. The sign for the town flashed by. Hunter’s End, it had read. Under that it had, ‘Population 786’ but that was struck through with a line and changed to ‘491.’ That in turn was struck through with another line, and under that someone had scrawled ‘299.’

The town looked picturesque. Like a Christmas card image. A wooden church spire dominated the far end of Main Street. Wisps of smoke plumed into the sky from the chimneys. The smoke mocked me with images of families warm in front of their fires. I knew about families, and their begetting, but I had none, except for Pa. That’s not exactly true. I had cousins when I was younger. At least I knew that much. Quite a few really, but I hadn’t seen any of them for many years. They’d only come for the day and sometimes I’d catch a glimpse of them before being sent to my room. Pa said they weren’t cleansed enough for me to meet them. We pulled over and stopped outside the grocery store.

“Wait here.”

“Can’t I come with you?”

“No, I won’t be long.”

He reached over me and removed the handle for my side window. His breath reeked of chewing tobacco. I retched at the repulsive smell. He was wheezing. I’d noticed him being short of breath lately and talking with a rasp. Maybe it wouldn’t take a knife to see the back of him, I thought.

He labored up the wooden steps to the porch outside the store. There were three young men around my age, sitting on a bench to the left of the entrance that I’d noticed when Pa opened his door. They’d been laughing and passing a cigarette between them. I drew my knees up to my chest. Wrapped my arms around my legs. Rocked back and forth. Closed my eyes and dreamt of a better place. A rap on my side window and I near jumped out of my skin. My chest tightened. I opened my eyes. A dark patch danced outside the side window. Praying to God, I hoped it wasn’t one of the demons paying a visit that Pa talked of.

“Roll the window down.”

It wasn’t Pa’s voice. The windows were fogged up again. All I could see was a shadow.

“C’mon, don’t be shy. Only we don’t get many gals around these parts. We only want to jaw.”

“Go away,” I wrote with my finger on the misted window, then tugged at my ear. I pulled the sleeve of my dress over my hand and wiped the words away at realizing they’d need a mirror to read the message. It was one of the youths from outside the shop. A mop of black hair and white teeth loomed large as he bent over. It was the white teeth that held my gaze. I was used to seeing Pa’s toothless grin, surrounded by his long white facial hair. Well, not exactly toothless, just his top two teeth were missing. The rest were twisted and stained with the tobacco he chewed.

“I’m Jordan, what’s your name?” he said, and smiled. “You moved in around here, or just visiting?” he said, not waiting for a reply to his first question.

Pulses of shivers ran through my body. I noticed my hands shaking, unable to stop the tremors.

“I… I’m Clara. Listen, I can’t open the window, please go away.”

His features distorted as the moisture on the window fogged again. Maybe Pa’s preaching was right and it was the demon in him I could now see.

“Hey, watcha doing hanging around my pickup?” Pa called out.

“Just being neighborly.”

“Well, just skedaddle.”

“Screw you, old man. Just trying to be friendly.”

“Screw you! I’ll show you who’s gonna screw who.”

“Whoa there, put the gun away.”

Chapter 3

Pa grunted when he climbed into his pickup. He put the provisions behind his seat, then spat tobacco-stained saliva on the snow.

“What the hell ya think ya doing talking to those punks?”

“I wasn’t. They did the talking. I ignored them like you’d taught me.”

He broke wind as he fired up the engine. He didn’t even say excuse me, but then he hardly ever did. “Whether in church or chapel, let the damned thing rattle,” was his usual wisecrack, followed by a belly laugh. All that followed this time was the smell of rotten eggs.

“Can I have the handle to open the window?”

He turned the fan on full blast to clear the mist.

“It’ll pass. Don’t want you catching your death of cold.”

Pa’s nose was dripping. His cheeks flushed. He coughed, then wiped his coat sleeve across his nose. I wasn’t sure if a cold could kill. I’d survived all my sniffles. If colds could kill, he was starting with one. Maybe that could be my salvation. The mist cleared from the windows.

“Sheriff. Keep your hands where I can see them. Step out of the car.”

I turned to see a woman crouching and pointing a gun at Pa.

“Damn,” Pa said.

She pulled the door open. Pa shuffled off of his seat. She was middle aged, with a red bulbous nose, and a stout figure. A dour expression rolled over her face.

“Turn real slow to face away from me, and keep your hands where I can see them.”

Pa obliged. I saw her hands frisking him, then pulling his gun from its holster.

“I have a carry permit. Clara, pass it here. It’s behind the sun visor.”

“No, you stay where you are and put your hands on the dash,” she said.

She reached inside and retrieved the permit.

“What’s all this about?” said Pa.

“Jordan over there said you pulled a gun on him.”

“Oh, that. Sorry, I thought they were trying to break-in and I had my daughter in the pickup. The windows were fogged and I thought they might not have seen she was in there. Just wanted them to back off. No harm done as it turns out. Misunderstanding. If you don’t believe me, look at the footprints.”

The sheriff dropped the clip from Pa’s gun, then walked around the hood. I wiped the side window. Even I could see Jordan’s footsteps in the snow and them leading off across the road to where he was standing. She stroked her chin, then ambled back, took out her notebook and wrote down Pa’s details.

“Holster your pistol and put the clip in your pocket until you’re out of town. Just be careful not to be so jumpy next time. We don’t want no shooting accidents,” she said, then called across to Jordan and his friends, “Misunderstanding that’s all. It won’t happen again, but you need to stop hanging around the vehicles.” She turned and walked into the store shaking her head.

Pa climbed back onto his seat, then did a U-turn. He rolled down his window as he approached Jordan and his friends.

“There’ll be no misunderstanding next time if I catches you talking to my daughter again,” he called out, then rolled up his window. Just as well he did as they pounded his side window and the windshield with snowballs. Pa jammed on the brakes. They must have scooped up dog dirt in one of them and I watched it slide down the glass.

“Damned jerks,” he said. They ran down an alley at the side of a house. “See what I told you about the outsiders. No good sons of bitches. Good thing I was with you or they’d be up your skirt by now, taking turns.”

The Sheriff appeared at the front of the hood. Pa wound down his window again.

“Did you see that?” he said.

“Yeah, I saw them. They’re at that rebellious age. Don’t pay them no mind in future. I have enough problems with them dicking around town as it is without a feud developing.”

“Yeah, well just tell them to stay away from me and my daughter, or else.”

She walked from the hood to his window, then leaned over.

“Or else! What does that mean? Don’t go making threats. I think it’s you who needs to stay away from them. Listen, seeing as how you’ve just moved into the farmstead over at Hunter’s Lodge, I’ll drop by and we can chat about security. We’ve had a few break-ins lately at some of the outlying properties.”

“No need. We don’t need no visitors and I know how to keep things secure. Now step back. We need to get home before it starts to snow again.”

She looked directly at me.

“You okay, hon?”

“She’s fine,” he said, and rolled up his window, then stamped on the gas pedal.

“What the hell does she mean, ‘you okay, hon’? You’d better not have been giving off vibes.”

“I was shook-up. Worried she was going to lock you up that’s all,” I lied.

“That’s my, girl. We gots stick together. They’re all tainted with the Devil out here.”

As we drove on, Jordan appeared, peeking from behind a bush at my side of the road. He waved and smiled, baring those white teeth of his. I sensed a hot flush in my cheeks, not daring to look at Pa, but raised a smile back at Jordan. There was no doubting Jordan had the Devil in him. But then didn’t I with the thoughts that ran through my mind. If only Pa had his window down instead of the crap hitting it when closed. Emotion flooded through me. My eyes moistened. I couldn’t be sure why I felt tearful really. Perhaps the fact that Jordan and his friends were running around as free as a pack of feral dogs, while I was tethered. It could have been that I had a desire to run free with them. Maybe it was that he had the courage and defiance that I didn’t possess. I know that I’d felt admiration at Jordan’s sass when he had bad-mouthed Pa.

I sighed and pushed back in the seat. Closed my eyes and prayed to God that he would deliver me to freedom. Asked forgiveness for my bad thoughts. Especially for lying when I’d said that I didn’t want the sheriff to lock him up. He never answered me. I hoped that one day He would before I had to do something drastic without His help. A tear escaped and ran down to my cheek.


Reviews and self-publishing.

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review 2reviwes

J Carson Black, thriller author, hits 230,000 eBook sales in July.

J Carson Black, (Maggy) to her kindle-board forum friends, may be self-published, but with her runaway sales success in such a short space of time, surely it can only be a matter of time before one of the big six publishers recognizes both her talent as a writer and the substantial loyal fan base she is building. (In addition, she is a nice person.)

After selling 137 eBooks in February and 1,280 in March, in April 2011, her reported sales were 10,000 for the month and by May; the total sales to date were 73,562. They have now hit a mind-boggling 230,000 sales to date.

When you consider that she has no marketing machine behind her of the kind that traditional publisher can provide, or the many other services, together with their ability to get printed books on the bookstore shelves, the achievement is all the more of a remarkable phenomenon. I would even go as far as to say her success exceeds the remarkable achievements of Amanda Hocking and JA Konrath as her catalogue of books are mostly in the mid price range for self published eBooks. Although the 99c price tag did play a part in the initial traction together with a special summer promotion … pricing alone cannot explain, how her sales have taken off to the extent that they have, or we could all copy her route to success.

I first met Maggy on the kindle-board forum site in late in March, where she is an active member. I had seen her join in discussions offering advice and encouragement to new members of the site and it was there I noticed she was a fellow thriller writer from the book covers on display in her forum signature. All her book covers were attractive and I chose to look at The Shop. The book description drew me in and I downloaded the sample. I didn’t get through the sample fast enough before I clicked the buy button. It was clear from the opening she had a handle on the thriller genre and the narrative voice was distinct for me to want to read all of it. I wasn’t disappointed, the consistancy of voice, great characterization and a knack of bringing the scenes to life was there throughout and with a satisfying plot to put the cream in an already iced  cake, it was well worth the buy. When I started to ponder after the read, I felt like I had read a traditionally published book from a top thriller writer.

With the hustle and bustle of just starting out on a self-publishing career, I put my thoughts to one side, until I noticed her books started to appear everywhere on the also boughts on Kindle. A post followed this on kindle boards that she had sold 10,000 in one month. In a way I wasn’t surprised as I could imagine readers with circles of friends who had similar tastes in thrillers would be recommending her work by word of mouth. I thought her achievement that month was staggering considering up to that point, her sales had trickled along by comparison, although growing from month to month.

I decided as a budding author that I owed it to myself to look further in to her success to see if there was anything I could emulate to hasten my own success. One thing I found was that she had some of her books previously published and wondered if that had helped in the minds of potential buyers as part of their decision-making process. She also had a number of books uploaded; so that once a reader had tasted her work, she had other books on offer for them. However, other than that I was stumped.

I was just building my blog site at the time and I had introduced a Book Buzz page and contacted Maggy to see if she would care to take part and she agreed. I was hoping for some revelation of a secret formula, but there was none, other than the realization that it was attention to basic detail, (Book cover, book pitch and of course a good story, well written.) She had also carried out very little in the way of marketing, so there were no revelations to be had there. This spurred me on to write an article “How not to sell 10,000 books in one month.” with a fable entitled “The Secret” to emphasize the requirement for attention to basic detail for those starting out. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, although attention to detail is a prerequisite, clearly to hit the kind of figures she has achieved it has to be all about the writing and the story, the enthusiasm of her readers to recommend her and the Amazon algorithms taking care of the rest.

Well done Maggy. I can’t see the bandwagon stopping here., J Carson Black, Author profile and books America, J Carson Black, list of books UK

As an author and a reader, living in Brazil, I have to be a member of to buy books. Amazon charge an additional $2 over the .com price for every eBook I purchase. The same is true for customers who live outside their area in places such as Australia etc. I have never really been able to find out why they make this charge. Some say that it is to cover the whispernet charges for 3G kindles, but I fail to see this as I use Kindle to Computer downloads.

If you have a kindle, or you have kindle to computer or any other such device, there is no need to buy from Amazon. This is great news if you live outside the designated area of .com,, or .com de. If you buy through smashwords you can download a Mobi file to view on your kindle, computer or device without the additional $2 charge.

Through smashwords you can download files in Mobi, ePub, PDF etc as shown below on the page of one of my books. Hide and Seek (Ghost story)

Cover for 'Hide and Seek'

Hide and Seek

Ebook By Declan Conner
$0.99 Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 1 review)
Published: June 03, 2011
Category: Fiction » Mystery & Detective » Short Stories
Words: 13667 (approximate)
Language: English

[add to library]

Ebook Description

Short story, with both American English and UK and Commonwealth English versions available in one eBook

Carl didn’t believe in ghosts.Unless you want to count the Holy one. That was until he had a dream of a young girl and he was invited to play … Hide and Seek. A seat gripping ghost story.


thriller, crime, suspense, murder, mystery, short story, ghost story, declan conner

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Review by: Kaye George on July 19, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
Connor has Carl Jones take us on a train trip in an eerie fog. We never arrive at the intended destination, but chilling events whip Carl between reality and fantasy. Or is it fantasy? Connor keeps the reader guessing until a mystery within a mystery is unraveled.

 If you’re used to reading British punctuation, he has included a version for you also. A nice bonus. Check out his many other short stories available.
(reviewed the day of purchase)


My advice would be to always check to see if the book you want to buy is available on smashwords. Not all books will be available, but it makes sense to get more value for your $.

Other eBook catalogues where you can find my short stories.


Apple itunes ibooks

Note the Apple link above and below is the one I use for America. For other countries where you are a subscriber, change the “us’ to say “de” for Germany “uk” For the UK, “au’ for Australia. “ca” for Canada, etc.              


Barnes & Noble

Diesel eBooks

Indie self-published authors of eBooks. Creating a Buzz

I recently wrote an article on J Carson Black, the American thriller author, with the astounding news she had sold 10,000 eBooks in one month following an interview with her for my Creating a Buzz page on my blog. The article prompted me to do a follow-up article, How not to sell 10,000 eBooks in on month. These latest figures show just how her reputation and success keeps growing. It couldn’t happen to nicer person and she frequently joins in conversations on kindle boards to offer advice, or just to chat. Here are the figures reported publicly on kindle boards on her sales together with a list of other author’s random sales figures. The full list is viewable at kindle boards. The higher sales figures represent mostly authors with multiple books and who have been established for some time. The purpose of this post is to show what is possible and that publishing eBooks is a long game.

J Carson Black

“The reason I post my numbers (other than being a complete notice box) is because the Writer’s Cafe taught me what was possible. The first thread I saw when I got here was one where people showed their numbers and how they changed from month to month. And I saw a lot of this:(these are my numbers since January)

I loved that thread! It told me anything was possible. Before I got here, I had no idea that you could start in one place and end up in a completely other home altogether. The first 7 months was a wash – I went from 1 book a month to a high of 17 books a month in November. It was discouraging, so I didn’t put much into it. Then someone suggested I come here—I started on this board just about the time I hit the 135-mark. So I’m here to say that there are many factors that go into this, but it’s possible. Seeing what other writers have done made a difference to me. Knowing that it can happen is a good thing. So, thank you.”

“I’m almost afraid to say this, because it scares the * out of me. Bear in mind, in February I sold a total of 135 books.”


PONY RIDES (short story): 206
THE SHOP: 36161

73,516 total.



Sales on Amazon over the other 5 books: 300 (US), 222 (UK), and 0 (DE).

I’m pretty happy with the May sales for my novelette but then it’s only been out a couple months and I’m hoping the numbers will continue to build.

Amazon – 558
B&N – 29
Smashwords – 2


ADoR (Romantic Suspense, released 4/1/11) = 81 + 2 UK (50 while at $3.99 and 31 over the weekend when I dropped the price to $.99 for a Memorial Day sale)
AUO (Hot Romance, released 10/1/10) = 271 + 2 UK ($2.99)


I’m slightly down this month Just over 5100 on Amazon but I did have sales elsewhere this month that I haven’t had previously. (Thrillers)
Amazon 5100
Smashwords 3
Apple 1
B&N 41
Kobo 48
and Sony 65.

Total 5,255


I released my first e-book on May 4 & my second on May 21 – both short stories.

If You Go Into The Woods (on sale since May 4)

Amazon 88
Amazon UK 15
Amazon DE 1
Smashwords 4

Total 108
Transfection (on sale since May 21)  (Short story)

Amazon 40
Amazon UK 2
Amazon DE 0
Smashwords 3

Total 45

Total Total 153!!!


Falling Star

I was hoping to meet or exceed my April numbers (944), but only made 715, across all platforms. Not that I’m complaining mind you.


Here are my figures for May: (Paranormal romance)

Amazon: 448 (309 book one, 139 book two)
B&N: 30
Smashwords: 1

Total for both books for May: 479


Remix UK 2,572
Remix US 327
Smashwords 2
Total 2,901
Replica UK 4,143
Replica US 152
(Haven’t bothered with Smashwords as Remix sales via SW are poor)
Total 4,295

Both books total for May: 7,196


Had my best month ever.

Just over 2500 total sales at Amazon UK, with 100 or so at Amazon US.

The Mercenary’s Price (novella) – 989 – $0.99
Honor Bound (The Witchblade Chronicles #1) – 599 – more than half at 99c and the rest at $2.99
Kiss Of Ash (The Witchblade Chronicles #2) – 347 – all $2.99
The Adventures of Miss Upton and the Sky Pirate – 158 – all $2.99
A Secret Life (Lord Hawkesbury’s Players #1) – 24 – all $2.99 – released on the 12th.


17,220 sales for May. Down a little from April, but I’m not complaining. About 11,500 of those sales were for The Righteous, but I had four books clear 1,000 for the month.


I was around 7k for the month, and adding a title at $4.99 was a huge difference-maker. I’ll get the exact count early this afternoon once I’m finished writing for today. Priorities!

Edit: 7122


The sales for three of my books were pretty stable or slightly up, but my bestseller was down by just under 30%.

April total 3110
May total 2342


Amazon sales: 93
Smashwords sales: 18
OmniLit sales: 81*
Total for May: 192


2700+ total for all three books on and

Weight: 451
Cost: 735
Death: 619
Shadows: 882
Sliver: 871
Omni: 850
Cloaks: 5529
Blades: 4407
Guardian: 314
Ash: 273

Total: 14,931


4787 for the month, not counting stuff distributed through Smash.

The Patriot Paradox – 4131
Self Arrest – 559
Fire: Elements of The Undead, released on 8 May – 97

Peace Army – 3,868
Peace Warrior – 3,936

Total sales: 7,800


Amazon US –
Never Forgotten: 1660
Good Tidings: 1204
Loose Ends: 1983
G of NO: 632

Never Forgotten: 192
Good Tidings: 214
Loose Ends: 550
G of NO: 24
Amazon Total: 5997

Pubit: Total: 199

Total sales – 6196


2 books (well, one really! Same book, just re-written for US market!) – 17,375. 1 book = 17, 259! Book1 priced at 71p/99c

I put my book out in the first week of May and here are the numbers so far:

Amazon: 34
Amazon UK: 6
B&N: 1

1557 B&N
2080-amazon us
2-amazon DE
154-amazon UK

Total: 3,793


Not What She Seems – 7,483
The Overtaking – 57

Total – 7,540


Amazon US – 4 ($2.99)
Amazon UK – 8 (£1.99)
Smashwords – 2 ($2.99)
Total – 14,69390.100.html.

J Carson Black former traditionally published thriller author turns to self-publishing and joins Joe Ellis, the author of Spoilt and Simon Swift, the author of Black shadows on this week’s, Creating a Buzz.

In only the third month on Kindle, J Carson Black has sold over 10,000 eBooks in April, after selling only 137 in Feb and 1280 in March. The achievement is staggering and testament to the success that can be achieved. J Carson Black is following the trend in publishing of authors having their rights returned, or realizing they still enjoy the electronic rights to their published books and turning to self-publishing to boost their sales and careers.

With the financial crisis, many publishers have been reducing both the output of publishing new authors and clearing their stable of mid-list authors. Whilst it may seem sensible from a short-term business point of view, one wonders whether they are shooting themselves in the foot, by their short-term objectives and failing to keep their eye on the future.

For readers this is a bonus, as the major publishers continue to put their eBooks out at prices not too different from the printed book, leaving readers outraged on the kindle community boards. Many post comments, wondering why they bought their kindles, when there are no savings to be made from buying publishers books. Authors going in the opposite direction such as J Carson Black, are able to set a low price for their well-edited and former published books on the various electronic platforms and to provide those disaffected readers with quality product at an affordable price, that will give kindle readers a return on their investment.

Of course, it is not all one-way traffic, with the likes of Amanda Hocking accepting a three book publishing deal for a million dollars, but then she continues to make millions from her self- published eBooks. There are also many stories of Publishers and Literary agents trawling the eBook rankings looking for books to fill gaps in their catalogue. So where does all this leave the new authors?

I would say to new authors, that traditional publishing is still the way to go and to continue submitting to literary agents. Paper books are not dying. (See my archive for article) and self- publishing will not get you on the bookstore shelf. Literary Agents, love them or hate them, provide a filter for quality along the path to publishing. However, bear in mind, they are only looking for what they know publishers have a need for and many quality books slip through the net.

For those who have trodden the query, rejection path, but know they have the full toolbox for their craft and a damned good story to tell, then there has never been a better time to self-publish. All I would ask is that you consider the long game. It takes a long time to build a reader base, which many of the former published authors enjoy and have built up over many years. If you look at the eBook success of former Authonomite, Ruth Francesco and her book, Amsterdam 2012, you will note that she was a former published author. J. A. Konrath, the American thriller Author and his counterpart in the UK, the English author, S Leather, as ex published authors, they seem to dominate the charts in their respective territories.

There are exceptions, if you look at Jake Barton as an example, another former Authonomite, his book, the thriller, Burn Baby, Burn, was reported to be downloaded at the rate of 100 per day after a slow start and it is still high in the charts in the UK, together with other books he has since released.

For the average author, as a first time self-published effort, it is just the start of a career. Not everyone will enjoy overnight success. As an example of this, another Authonomite, Sharlow, went twelve months selling 50 to 100 books per month, when his sales suddenly took off to the extent that it would give most people a full time income. As for my own meager efforts … Lunch Break Thrillers one of my own books, made it straight into the UK charts for its category in February and has stayed there ever since, but as short stories seem to be a niche, I have not experience the sort of numbers quoted above.

These are exciting times for those in the self-publishing arena and for those with a quality product and determination, the future is bright … the future is Orange, eBooks.

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